app.api.v2 package



app.api.v2.errors module

exception app.api.v2.errors.DataValidationError(message=None, name=None, value=None)

Bases: Exception

exception app.api.v2.errors.RequestBodyParseError

Bases: Exception

Base class for HTTP body parsing errors.

exception app.api.v2.errors.RequestUnparsableJsonError(message=None)

Bases: RequestBodyParseError

Raised when a request body is not parsable (i.e., it is not well-formed json)

exception app.api.v2.errors.RequestValidationError(message=None, errors=None)

Bases: RequestBodyParseError

Raised when an http request body contains json that is not schema-valid.

app.api.v2.responses module

exception app.api.v2.responses.JsonHttpBadRequest(error, details=None, **kwargs)

Bases: JsonHttpErrorResponse, HTTPBadRequest

An HTTP 400 response with a json formatted body.

class app.api.v2.responses.JsonHttpErrorResponse(error, details=None, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Base class for json formatted versions of aiohttp responses.

exception app.api.v2.responses.JsonHttpForbidden(error, details=None, **kwargs)

Bases: JsonHttpErrorResponse, HTTPForbidden

An HTTP 403 response with a json formatted body.

exception app.api.v2.responses.JsonHttpNotFound(error, details=None, **kwargs)

Bases: JsonHttpErrorResponse, HTTPNotFound

An HTTP 404 response with a json formatted body.

async app.api.v2.responses.apispec_request_validation_middleware(request, handler)

Middleware to handle errors thrown by schema validation

Must be added before validation_middleware

async app.api.v2.responses.json_request_validation_middleware(request, handler)

Middleware that converts json decoding and marshmallow validation errors into 400 responses w/ json bodies. module

Mark the endpoint handler as not requiring authentication.


This only applies when the authentication_required_middleware is being used.

Enforce authentication on every endpoint within an web application.


Any endpoint handler can opt-out of authentication using the @authentication_exempt decorator.

Return True if the endpoint handler is authentication exempt.

async, handler)

Allow all ‘OPTIONS’ request to the server to return 200 This mitigates CORS issues while developing the UI.

app.api.v2.validation module

app.api.v2.validation.check_not_empty_string(value, name=None)
app.api.v2.validation.check_positive_integer(value, name=None)

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