Installing CALDERA


  • Linux or MacOS operating system

  • Python 3.6.1+ (with Pip3)

  • Google Chrome browser

  • Recommended hardware to run on is 8GB+ RAM and 2+ CPUs


  • GoLang 1.13+ (for optimal agent functionality)


Start by cloning this repository recursively, passing the desired version/release in x.x.x format. This will pull in all available plugins. If you clone master - or any non-release branch - you may experience bugs.

git clone --recursive --branch x.x.x 

Next, install the PIP requirements:

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Finally, start the server:

python3 --insecure

Once started, you should log into http://localhost:8888 using the credentials red/admin. Then go into Plugins -> Training and complete the capture-the-flag style training course to learn how to use the framework.