Install CALDERA offline

To install CALDERA on a server without internet access, pip can be used to download the CALDERA dependencies from a machine with internet access. Once the dependencies are downloaded, they can be copied to the offline machine and installed.

The internet machine’s platform and python version should match offline server. For example, if the the offline target machine runs Python 3.6 on CentOS 7, then Python3.6 and CentOS 7 should be used to perform the packaging to minimize problems.

git clone --recursive
mkdir caldera/python_deps
pip download -r caldera/requirements.txt --dest caldera/python_deps

The caldera directory can now be copied to the offline server via whatever means are convenient (scp if there’s connectivity, sneakernet, etc)

Once the caldera directory has been copied to the offline machine the dependencies can be installed with pip.

pip install -r caldera/requirements.txt --no-index --find-links caldera/python_deps

CALDERA can then be started as usual:

cd caldera